Helping Businesses Grow​

We are a company dedicated to helping small businesses grow. From business cards to sales funnels, we are here to help navigate you through the process by providing you the blueprint to starting a business and leading it to success. Our mission is to take dreams and turn them into a reality.


You've Come To The Right Place

Established in 2015

Small Business Support

Private Clientele

Equity Investors

Website Development

Expand your business globally by creating centralized location for people to learn about the products and/or services you provide.

Branding & Marketing

We have an array of options to help elevate your branding from websites to logo design, to t-shirts, to mugs. Inquiry now!

Business Coaching

Meet with one of our experienced professionals to help efficiently and effectively build your business

Intelligent Marketing Principals has been awesome from the time I started working with them on my website

and coaching. They have gone above

and beyond to get everything done

for my business website that I

have requested. 


I recommend their services and coaching to anyone trying to start a business or grow an existing one.

T. Wrenn

Business Owner

I want to sincerely thank IMP for your outstanding expertise and craft with my logo, business cards and website design! Your team is amazing at what you do from start to finish. I imagined it and you brought it to life with deep rich bold colors and sound waves

of professionalism.


You have made my experience exceptionally

exciting, fun and full of suspense!

I could hardly contain myself! 

C. Saulters

Business Owner

Intelligent Marketing Principals has upheld a standard of continued growth to meet our needs as well as taking out the time to learn the lingo and industry. We like that IMP has our best interest at heart and strives to grow as we grow. 


If we could pick out one special moment, it would be realigning the website to fit the model of

our business.

B. Tatum

Business Owner

Our #1 Goal is to help you create and maintain the business of your dreams.

We are your one stop shop for business startup - scale support. 

6 Phases Of Business

Let us bring you up to a sustaining altitude.

Launch Phase

If you have an idea and you're just not sure where to begin, we will help you go from Theoretical to Practical. 

Growth Phase

Business Development is our video game. We have all the tools needed to scale.

Shake Out

Shaking out the competition will take a complete market analysis. Our team is aware of everything needed to beat the competition.

Maturity Phase

It feels great to win in business but even better to maintain your operational success. We support you in every area of the business.

ReInventing Phase

Reinvesting into the business is crucial. We have a team of visionaries that are thinking in the future and will help you stay ahead of the curve. 

Decline Phase

Too often we see businesses fail due to the lack of planning. Don't lose without a fight. 

Social Media Support

Our goal is to support you in all areas of business from social media management to social media coaching.


I'm your personal Intelligent Marketing Principal...        

I am here to help you succeed. How can I assist you?

  • Stress Less.

  • Spend More Time Doing What You're Great At Doing.

  • Let Us Handle The Rest.

Don't get stuck in a maze, let us help grow your business today.​

If you're overwhelmed, we are here to help. 

  • We Teach

  • We Build

  • We Help Maintain

Plans & Pricing

As you grow... we grow with you. 

Support Package

(Stand Alone Package)

(2) 1-Hour Business Coaching Meetings

Website Maintenance

Staffing Support

Access To "IMP" Sales Force Support 

Social Media Support

Develop Package

(Includes Support Package)

(3) 1-Hour Business Coaching Meetings

Professional Branding

CRM Development

Streamlining Operations

Business Model Development

Business Development

Sales & Marketing Development


Controller Package

(Includes Develop Package)

Profit Sharing Opportunities

(4) 1-Hour Business Coaching Meetings

HR Back Office

CRM Maintenance

Third Party Vendor Support

Market Analysis

Operational Analysis



Business From Scratch Course

 This 8 - Week Live course will teach you, step by step, how to build your business from the ground up.

Personal Brand Development

A Whole New Way Of Branding!

Are you struggling with developing your personal brand, confused on where to start, what to do and/or how to do it?


Sign up for a Brand Assessment today via the calendar below. 

  • Personal Website 

    We can have your personal website up and running within 48 hours. 

  • Social Media Setup

    Unfamiliar with how to navigate the various social media platforms and/or just don't have time to post. Allow us to support you by taking this off of your plate. 

  • Brand Coaching

    Helping you create your brand plan.

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